Stop internet censorship through Lantern

4 days ago Fight For The Future sent an e-mail promoting an app that can end censorship. This app can be called proxy or peer to peer internet sharing. But let’s just explain it in detail and get a better picture. Lets say you are in a country where a certain web site is blocked by the government. For example Tweeter in Turkey (some time ago) or YouTube, Facebook in China. By connecting to Lantern you get access to huge number of people in other countries who can tunnel your connection and help you access the website in question. Now, all this is going to work if there are enough people giving access and those can be people in countries where they don’t have censorship.

lantern network map

There is a bit of risk in all this if you are the one giving access.  If the person receiving does illegal activities – it will seem like it was done from your machine. That’s why Lanter advice always to connect to people you know, but how many people do you really know in a country with censored internet?! Basically, you are sacrificing internet traffic/bandwidth (hopefully you got unlimited subscription), taking a legal risk so somebody can use common online services. Pretty much like Tor, I must say, except that Tor is making you annon in the entire thing (not valid for exit-relays).

Does it work? It works. In Denmark The Pirate Bay is blocked, because they don’t find peer to peer stuff cool. By using Lantern I could visit it without a problem.

pirate bay denmark

So, if you want to end censorship, if you are a cool dude/chick – make a move, download Lantern, support the project on INDIEGOGO but don’t forget to read the FAQ section, too.

PS. Lantern is still beta

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