SanDisk SecureAccess review

Few days ago I saw an amazing offer for USB flash drive from SanDisk. It was 32gb, USB 3.0, half price and including some file encryption software. That seemed like a good offline bitcoin storage option. You can easily:
– create bitcoin-qt wallet
– send btc to it and encrypt it
– copy the wallet.dat file and rename it to screenshot.jpg or whatever
– drop that file into SanDiskSecureAccess Vault where it will be encrypted second time

sandisk SecureAccess error with different brand usbs
Unfortunately, things weren’t that perfect after I started exploring. This software works only on SanDisk usbs. I have no idea how they make it, or if it’s possible to enable other sticks to recognize SanDisk SecureAccess.
You have access to the encrypted files, which are renamed like this – {9534a415-45ac-474d-bb85-b017f2155288}.dat and still take the same space as before encryption.

I made a small experiment of creating two vaults (A and B) with different passwords. I copied the encrypted files from A directly to B, than changed my password on B to be the same as on A and the only files I could see were the B files. This means that the encryption is created independently from the passwords.
Second experiment to confirm the previous one, was to create A and B vaults with the same password. After creating them I was again unable to see the encrypted files from one another when copied manually. That’s good stuff!
Yet, if you take a look at the support forums of SanDisk you will be disappointed. Many people complain from SanDisk SecureAccess as unreliable tool. Many people have lost important data because something went wrong with the software (sometimes, when uploading big files, or when they updated to the newer version). May be we should wait until 4th of August, when miniLock will be officially released. What do you think? What do you use to encrypt files? Have you tried SanDisk SecureAccess?

SanDisk SecureAccess V2 download for Windows and Mac

Promo video on YouTube


  1. neil

    I have a situation where a number of files that I encrypted are lost as the password is no longer recognised by secure access
    fortunately I was using it as a back up – it is so secure that you can’t retrieve the data even with the password

  2. Ajay

    Well, everything was alright until this crapware got corrupted. Now I have 3.44 gb of my important files converted into .dat files. Even when I know the password, I cannot decrypt them. :'(
    I did everything those people said in the forum and on other websites but all in vain.
    This stupid software does not recognize files decrypted by itself.
    I am still looking for solution.

  3. Fred

    Sandisk – be carefull these sticks have bugs. I lost 29GB of important data because the sandisk stick just says it is write protected! Rubbish in my opinion. Buy a better make rather than sandisk. This is an old problem. Luckily this was my backup, so still have original files, but money wasted on usb stick!. Vendor says it is a virus. Also rubbish. My computer sits behind a lot of expensive checking software at work. Never have a problem with other good branded products.

  4. Phil

    It was great until it started refusing to update my files. Added a few new passwords to my list and the next time I went to the list the new passwords were not there. Despite saving them the same way I always had, it just didn’t. Had to save the unencrypted file on my computer (where any hacker could find it with enough effort, even if I later “deleted” it), then drag the new file to the vault. Every update to my list now has to be done this way. Great promotion, lousy software.

  5. Aznour

    I emel their customer care…and giving me some instruction to play around in system file; like change idx to idx.old ad idx.bak. But yet not solve my problem at all

  6. Dar

    Just lost 30GB of the most important data of my life… files and folders are there encrypted bet just disappeared from my encrypted vault and customer support says there is nothing that can be done… the data is gone forever!!! wtf!

    ****beware the Sandisk******

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