People connect hackers with bad people, but actually that’s a general misunderstanding. Crackers are the bad folks that spoil software and make game and program cracks. Hacker is a programmer, who likes programming, or is very good at it – that’s what computer people know, and what’s true. “Ordinary” people think that hacker is evil programmer that breaks into computers and makes the system go down. So, when we have cleared out those terms we can proceed to what is hackerspace.

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Hackerspace is a physical place where computer and technology freaks gather and work together. What’s the profit – it’s not the money, but knowledge, experience, portfolio, the feeling that you are part of something big and united. If you got an idea for a good project, but you aren’t capable of doing all parts of it, you can get friends at the hackerspace to help you do it. That can help you get team work experience, get your project done, project management skills and there is a great possibility to learn something new from the others. Isn’t that enough?

Many hackerspaces are not just programming, but also creating some gadgets.

Check HackerSpaces.org for details on hackerspaces around the globe – get information as approximate number of memebers, location, official home page wiki, blogs, forums…

Hurry up and join a local hackerspace – hackerspaces.org/wiki/List_of_Hacker_Spaces

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