GitHub VS Bitbucket

Sooner or later I had to come to the point where I had to use Version Control Systems. And I don’t know if there are any other, but I was introduced to Git. Now, one thing is the system, another is where you host your repositories. As I was brand new to all that, I had to do a research, make accounts here and there and see for myself, which is the best option. It appeared that the options were two – GitHub or Bitbucket. Those two are quite alike. Bitbucket was released few months after GitHub and many people blame it in┬áplagiarism, with or without reasons. But hey, you can say the same thing for any web browser or 4 wheel vehicle, right? So, I leave the┬áplagiarism aside and compare. Here is a list of good things in each one of those git project management platforms:

– unlimited number of users on repository
– older than BitBucket (more experience and testing done)
– more options: Pages, Network Graph, Impact Graph, inline editing, blame, extensive Guides, APIs, a command line tool and more
– UI tool!!!! (for people like me, who hate consoles)

– free private repos (something you can’t get at GitHub for free)
– unlimited number of repos
– can use the UI tool from GitHub (Setup Git and GitHub for Windows for use with Bitbucket)

I choose to use both. GitHub is good for sharing code with random people, for linking to and from your portfolio, while BitBucket is for company work as we can keep things closed and private. What is your personal preference? Do you use the GitHub software, or you hack in the console?

SourceTree – A free Git & Mercurial client for Windows or Mac.

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