Film a movie

This one is short version of the whole story of all the steps needed to create a movie. After they told us all this with all details I started wondering how the hack people are still creating movies – and by the way, movie production is said to be the most risky business and hard to gain money from even if it doesn’t seem so.

Initial idea: could be by the producer, screen writer, director, customer, addvart. agency (commercial – sell or promote a product; internal information – operating procedures, education of the stuff.

  1. Pitch: the story in just 3 lines
  2. Outline: detailed pitch of 5-7 pages, yet, no dialog included
  3. Step-outline: 10-15 pages, every scene is in the document described with at least one line. No dialog included.
  4. Treatment: 20-25 pages, no dialog
  5. Screen play: description of every scene & dialog (goes at about page per minute of the movie – approximate 90 pages)
  6. Rewrite, review
  7. Cast of main crew & actors (director is main crew)
  8. Financing
  9. Story board: camera angels, illustrations
  10. A shooting draw: a page for every camera shot – story board, tech sheet, shooting draft=camera angle, shot size, camera move (example: middle shot, low position, centered position, camera tracks to long shot, long lence, middle angle of the camera)
  11. Break down: how many actors in a shot, what costumes (3-5 pages for each shot)
  12. Art direction: decides costumes and sets
  13. Set design
  14. Costume design
  15. Lightning design – color scheme
  16. Make up design
  17. Hair design
  18. Location scouting – find or build location

All this was from pre-production

example of a story board


  1. Production. Principal photography
  2. B-photography
  3. Special effect photography
  4. Post production
  5. Scanning it
  6. Editing: about 250 minutes of movie for 1 actual minute edited after that.
  7. Rough cut
  8. Fine cut

Surely, there are many more steps. But I guess the list here is enough to give you a picture of how many things are necessary to consider, how many people are required, and actually names of all those people are shown at the end of the movie. So, making a movie is really not just getting a camera and an actor – it’s much more.

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