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This is a very inspiring read from a 20 year-old web developer. May be you wonder how on Earth he is a web developer when he is so young – well, just read the interview, there is so much truth in it. I really don’t want to spend so many useless hours at university, yet it’s not everyone’s path the path of self education. To succeed you need to be very dedicated and to spent most of your time on your craft.

Here is a short quote:

P.R. Lastly, what is your view of the ‘professional world’? Many employers still require degrees, why do you think that is?

I think the kind of employers who might ask for a degree are probably the type of employer who don’t actually understand the technical side of web development. An employer who can look at, and appreciate and recognise, the talent of a web developer will know from that alone how good they are. Someone who doesn’t know what they’re looking for can always quantify their skills based on whether they have a degree or not. Whether this is a fair or accurate representation is another question entirely.

Also probably you’ve heart that Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein have been poor students, yet successful businessman or scientist. What do you think?


  1. vloo

    You’d better don’t take an advice from a 20-year old web-designer. His life has just began, and life won’t be generous all the time!

    Educational qualification guarantees that you have specific theoretical knowledge and experience, and you have a strong foundation in the area of work. Freelance work cannot guarantee that.

    An employer can always see the talent in the work of a web-designer, but a degree is what shows that this guy is technically-literate at the same time and won’t leave doors wide open for crackers and script-kiddies.

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