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There are many different things to consider when getting web hosting. I’ll try to shine some light on some of the best companies (according to me, of course), which are into PHP, SQL setups.
There are a bunch of questions you need to ask yourself before starting a search for web hosting:

  1. Is my web site targeted at global or local audience?
  2. How much of a geek am I?
  3. Do I care about my impact on Earth when running a web site?
  4. Are there database and storage limits?
  5. Should I use shared or dedicated hosting?
  6. Do I care about privacy?

Based on those questions, I run trough a bunch of hosting providers. My particular case was a hipster online magazine with international audience. That suggested using a hosting company with servers on more than one continent, possibly ran on sustainable sources of energy and a hosting company that was opposite ACTA and PIPA. Immediately we get out of the list GoDaddy – they might be one of the most popular, but yet, many people claim that the support is not on good enough level and even more – they were huge supporters of ACTA and PIPA until they didn’t see lost in their client base.

Those guys are fully eco, they have good support (help videos, 24/7 – phone, email and live chat), great initial ad credit, free domain transfer, dedicated WordPress support (yummy). The prices are also quite reasonable – $40 a year. Join their affiliate program and get some money, too.
The only issues with FatCow is that they got servers only in US and their own web site is not mobile optimized, which is a shame for a company offering web services, besides that – I highly recommend you to pick them up!

WebHostingBuzz are big and quite popular. They are UK based but got also servers in US. The score on TrustPilot stays around 8.1 and you can see some great reviews and facts. Same as FatCow, WebHostingBuzz also offers free migration – everybody is happy when you join them as a client. Unlimited databases, 400GB disk space, 5,000GB bandwidth and 45 days money back guarantee. The yearly prices is a bit heigher than FatCow, but you should consider the speed your web site is going to load from different parts of the world – $59.4

No surprise – those guys are on renewable energy. They also offer unlimited space, traffic, unlimited web sites on one account. To be honest, everything seems too good to be true. I’ve read somewhere that you should never trust the word “unlimited”! However, they have speciall WordPress, Drupal, Joomla… apphosting. 30 days money back, affiliate program, $47.52 per year. The only location of their servers I could find was about LA, California, otherwise they boost about having clients from 150 countries. Feedback on TrustPilot is only negative, but they are rated number 9 from 10 in Best WebHost of 2015.

I’ll cut the bullshit – Kualo are the best, they are fully green, reasonably prices, 60 days money back, $33 per year, UK and US data centers with insane security (, incredible TrustPilot rating of 9.6 from 58 reviews!!!! Kualo hosting were my choice of hosting when last time I was looking for best offers. I don’t regret that decision, as those guys are truely professional. Few times somebody would try to take down my WordPress web site by brute forcing the wp-admin login. Kualo would detect the increase of requests from the ‘enemy’ IP and would block them and send me a log with the information what happened. I also had to deal with support with something else, and the reply from them was really extensive and detailed.
PS. they also got dDos protection, unlimited db, extra free domain registration, unlimited space, traffic, e-mails and stuff, kick-ass cPanel.

SiteGround is number 1 hosting for 2015. They have data centers in Chicago, Amsterdam and Singapore. Prices go as $54 per year and you get nearly the same as all other providers – unlimited traffic, unlimited databases, free transfer, daily backups, cPanel, 99,9% uptime etc. SG also got strong attention to WordPress and Joomla.

Always remember to make your own research before paying. Be aware of fake TrustPilot banners as I’ve seen on Good luck and if in doubt – go for Kualo, SiteGround, WebHostingBuzz…

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