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Not long ago I had to do an update on an app on my Android tablet. It wasn’t my first time updating an app, but it was first time I noticed something. Updating an app, requires that you agree to give some rights and access to your device: “Storage: Modify/delete SD card contents”, “Your location: Coarse (network-based) location”, “Phone calls: Read phone state and identity”, “Network communication: Full Internet access”. Well, that was kind of shocking for me, why would a casual game, need so much control over my device and information?! It didn’t say if the company owning the app shares my information with third parties, but I guess it does. They always got such points in the Terms and Conditions, just that nobody reads about.

android app permissions acess
It was may be a week ago, when the usernames and phone numbers of 4,6million users of Snapchat were released public. The company owner, was previously warned of security holes by White Hat specialists, but they ignored the warning that lead to this outcome.
I advice you not to use true information online, or at least to make a research about the people who gonna have access to it – can they share it with others, can they keep it safe enough from hackers, is it worth it giving them your true identity.
If you think, I’m paranoid, please read the Legal section of OKCupid. In Privacy Police, the last bullet point of How we use the information we collect says: “register you with and display your profile on other online dating and other social websites owned by IAC, such as and websites operated by People Media“. So actually they can do much more than you might think… Even more – if you continue reading through With whom we share your information, you will see that those guys, basically, can give up your e-mail, address and everything else you fill in, to whoever they want. Probably they will get payed for that and you will get tons of spam. A solution around is to keep one e-mail for registrations in online services and one e-mail for communication. That way, you will keep the spam away.
I guess there are many more tips to follow to keep you safe, but that’s not the point of this post.I just wanted to point out something that made me a strong impression, something that you should be aware of and may be fight?

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