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As any aspect of web development, SEO has also become quite sophisticated topic to cover in a short blog post. However, here I’ll touch down on some of the most important as well popular, as well as on some new topics. Bare with me, and I’m sure you will find something you didn’t know so far.

  • Follow the trends and try to sneak key words from there into your content, even if it’s tech related. For example in 2013 everybody was all about zombies, end of 2015 was the period of Star Wars; 2016 for US would be the year of the new presidential elections.
  • Be good at writing – be descriptive, you can have tons of symbols for a page title element, try to keep strong presence of your selected key words not just in the page title, but all across – description, headers, body text, images. This is considered on-page optimization.
  • – spend that extra time of adding meta data to your otherwise meaningless images, video and other content. This will help Google’s crawlers categories your content better, present that content in a unique way in the google searches results and make you look like an authentic source.
  • Create video sitemaps and help Google understand what are all those videos about.
  • Generate XML sitemap and make Google aware of it
  • Use descriptive links, ‘click here’, ‘ok’, ‘cancel’ are not clear enough, use more meaningful words that would describe what would you see after you ‘click here’
  • Performance – optimize your servers, use CDN, gzip, minify your css and JavaScript, add on some caching into the .httaccess file, combine your css, add the JavaScript at the bottom of the page. Google doesn’t want to show it’s visitors slow content – the faster your web sites loads, the higher in the page results it would be shown. Feel free to use PageSpeed Insights, YSlov or any other of the many online tools with that purpose.
  • Mobile is overtaking – you are going down, if Google doesn’t detect some media queries in your css and if the page has horizontal scrolling, tiny text, etc. See if you pass on this one or you might have extra work to do Mobile-Friendly Test.
  • Internal and external links: add your site to relevant web catalogs and search engines, add meaningful links between your own posts and pages.
  • Running a business? Help everyone out and add your business to Google to have all the vital information presented in prettier way

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