Sass on Linux Mint

You’ve heard about Sass for quite awhile and finally after seeing all the cool features it has, you’ve made your mind to try it. Great decision!
Here I’ll show you how to quickly set it up, on your Mint Linux install through Compass.
We would need git, ruby and Sass itself.

sudo apt-get install git
sudo apt-get install ruby
sudo gem install sass
sudo gem install compass

That would be it. Time to create your first project:

compass create first-project

Navigate inside the first-project folder (same place where you have config.rb) and run the watch command

compass watch

Your css files will be compiled each time you press save. Enjoy all those great features as easy file includes, styles nesting, variables, mixins.

Official Sass guide
Beginner Sass tutorials

Tip: edit line 12 to automatically minify your css output

output_style = :compressed

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