Placeholder text and images

Very often the client hasn’t provided enough images and text, which makes it a bit harder for us as front-end developers to fill in the blank spaces. Now, for quite some time there’s been Lorem Ipsum text but now there are also a bunch of other variations as well as placement images.
For text you can use the standard Lorem ipsum or get your hands on some gangsta lorizzle – Snoop Doggy Dog approved; there is Cupcake ipsum for the diabetes lovers and Bacon ipsum if your are into hearth attacks and blockage of blood vessels.
It might take too much time to open in a web site, picking up how many paragraphs you need etc… it’s much faster using the super powers of Sublime Text Editor. Try for example to type inside a HTML document lorem + Tab. Magic! You got a paragraph of standard lorem ipsum. If you need just a few words – type lorem3 for 3 words, or lorem12 for 12. Ya catching the drift?!
Same is valid for images too – you can go for the boring themed photos from lorempixel with categories as abstract, animals, business, cats, city, food, nightlife, fashion, people, nature, sports, technics, transport or the plane grey boxes with pixel values from The fun ones are Place Kitten, Place Bear, Bacon Mockup, place Sheen, place Cage, Hasselhoff, Beer, Place Creature… Have fun

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