Re-Design 9

Some time was past since my last redesign, and again I was feeling unhappy with the state of my portfolio. May be this is due to the many new things I learned at my first job as front-end developer, or may be it was all just a natural process as some people like to claim for the Global Warming. No matter the reason, I wanted to get a new approach since my last redesign. Again, I felt like my portfolio shouldn’t be of blog type, but more of showing off my actual skills. A big step in this redesign was to differentiate the blog from the portfolio. The blog was moved to a sub folder, and the portfolio was now on the spotlights. I made it shine and reflect my skills by using tons of hover effects which were spiced up with transitions to make it all look smooth. There were hover effect on backgrounds of boxes, of buttons and links. I added ¬†CSS created triangles to the main container, to give the visual illusion of 3D.

Portfolio screenshot

The text based content is short as it’s not the emphasize of the site. A short biography text is added at the bottom of the page, which is surrounded by multiple skewed divs in different tons of blue. All this gives another optical illusion of 3 dimensions.

The one-page portfolio was developed with big screens in mind as well as tablet devices. Before putting it online, I tested on iPad and 7” Android devices – all looking sharp. Of course, there was HTML5 shiv added for support of IE8, but nothing more about this ancient browser.

After some time I figured out that may be a special print style would have been a good addition. On one interview, they had printed that one page, and definitely it didn’t look as good as I could prepare it. On the other side, support for phones is much more important than tablets. There are still less people with tablets than phones, and probably it’s gonna stay this way. I simply had to create a new set of rules with media query for smallest devices.

Portfolio screenshot

However, the portfolio was out and I personally, loved the result. Finally, I had a portfolio, which wasn’t bound to a CMS, was simple enough and really presented what I’m good at – HTML and CSS.

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