Re-design 8

It was high time for a new design and it came in with the new year. But let’s talk why I changed it again, what was wrong in the previous one. Well, very simple – the previous design and layout was build on twentyten with small tweeks in the css. That wasn’t enough, and the overall look of the site still seemed like a blog, rather than portfolio.

I like dark red and black as combination. After sketching on paper, planning the pages, the order of menu, what widgets should I have and where – I was ready for a mock-up. Just kidding. For simple design like that there was no need of mock-up. I started straight away with writing the html and css. But hold on – it’s not just html, or xhtml – it’s html 5. Hell yeah! It makes so much more sense when writing html 5, no need of extra css classes or adding comments in your html to indicate what’s that div tag that’s closed here or there. Everything is semantic.

Once again, it’s a simple lay out, it didn’t take much time to make all the front-end part. Next step was turning that basic html into a WordPress theme. That was the most time consuming process. I had to revise few thing like adding widget areas to theme, as well as custom menus. Another thing I had to spend more time on was template pages. There is a special template for the front page, another one for posts, for one-column pages and 404 error.

Everything was good, until I tested in IE 8. It just happened that that nasty browser doesn’t support html 5. Disappointing, yes… But you know, to any other problem there was already a solution shared online. By adding a Remy Sharp‘s HTML5 enabling script everything looked like it was supposed to.

Thanks to few friends, I received valuable feedback how to improve some of the sections. It would be great if you can give any piece of advice on how to improve the code, structure, or something that’s not looking good to you, too. By now – I love my baby!

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