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Business cards are a good way to be memories by possible client. It’s a good way to make a strong first impression. Business cards present you as a pro in your area, as somebody that cares about his image and consequently his business, clients. Business cards are a good start point for a new project, new job.

Simply, just imagine you meet somebody and you want to show him your work. If you don’t have a business card, most probably you will write your contact information on a small piece of paper, or sticky note. Just think about it – who would consider you as a professional?!

business cards

I read a lot of articles about business cards, I just finished my new logo and it was finally time to get my own business cards. There weren’t plenty of options for me as material, size and so on, as those were my first cards. I wanted something simple and a bit of experimental. Best place to print was Moo. On their web site I was led trough few steps of creating my design by uploading pictures, adding text, selecting material and etc. It was as simple as 20 min work, if it wasn’t for my experimenting in PhotoShop. The payment was made trough PayPal (I wish they had bitcoin option). There were two options for delivery method and so on. My choice was the slowest delivery, yet the business cards came to my doorway in 1 week. There was a sticker for return postage in case I wasn’t satisfied with the product, or it was damaged. That talks how much effort are Moo spending on service management. The business cards were in a nice cardboard box. As a bonus, I got a discount code for my next order, lovely isn’t it? Enough about Moo as a great printing company.

As I’m taking a second look at the design I created there are few things I’d like to change. There is a nice logo on the front left side, but may be it’s too big. My brother told me that the shape of manbody reminds of fitness club or other sort of company connected with physical activities, than design. I’ve seen companies as Google, Vejle (Danish), Creuna(Danish) that use one and the same logo but in different variations. There might be small changes in shape, but mainly in color and pattern, yet the skeleton of the logo is kept untouched. I aim for the same, the letters ML will be in the same scale and prespective, but with different shapes in the middle. By doing those variations I want to express creativity and anyway I like new things. The biggest bug on my business cars is probably the space around the text. If I was designing them now, I’d put the text more further from the sides.

Back: it’s inspired by what I read in one article. Why keep it blank or with useless graphic when you can have lines for writing a note. Many people would like to write down something about you – where they met you, or what where you talking about, what ideas pop up between you.

busienss cardsContent: it’s the most important thing from a business card, no need to explain why. Yet, you should think what’s important to be seen – you don’t want to write that you are single or divorced. Simple contact information as name, e-mail, phone are enough – of course if you got a portfolio, place that url or even make it as a QR code. Many business cards, instead of having design as pictures and graphics use the content in a untraditional way to make a more creative and memorable look. Still, don’t forget that the content is king and should be readable without any difficulties – test the design with few friends to see if it’s too confusing or needs improvements somewhere else.


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