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A designer friend of mine hooked me up on this project. The client was a small business owner of facilitiy for indoors-ski, golf and conference rooms. He needed a more modern website that would work on handheld devices. The deadline was fluid as we were working in the weekends or in the evenings. Few times there were drastic design changes (no strict specification), which resulted in a bit extra development time.

IndoorSki IndoorSki

Even though, I was the only developer, I still used git to back-up my code. The styling was done with Sass and output minified in a single css file. I didn’t use the SMACSS file and folder structure because of the small scale of the project. Yet, each html page had it’s own unique sass file with customization to the otherwise common modules.

We used multiple snippets from Codyhouse to save coding time and spice up the visual effects. We used an adapt version of Expandable Project Presentation for the front-page. The mobile navigation is the same as the one at Secondary Sliding Navigation.

We’ve used custom font for all icons in order to reduce server requests.
We didn’t use Bootstrap as it would have been an overkill for this project. The grid was created through Responsify and there are about 8 different break points perfecting the design to the maximum for all possible resolutions.

Why not use a CMS?

It’s crazy how many different modules there are per page. It would have taken us much more time to turn all this into a WordPress or Modx site. There would have been custom content types nearly for each of the 10 modules. On the other side the page is not going to be updated recently. A CMS implementation would have required special attention to security.

The web site is hardly 12mb, no matter the 3 videos we have on it. We get score B (84) on YSlow test with F grades on CDN and Expire headers, ETags. According to Google Page Speed test there is still place for improvement. But hey, you don’t have a choice than loading modernizr in the header.


IndoorSki is a small project that I’m really proud of. I learned some new things from it and I still have to learn. Soon, we can add up some content animations on scroll.


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