Media queries in IE9

We all know that media queries are supported first from version 9 of Internet Explorer. Yet, things might not be perfect even with that version. You need to make sure few things are right, otherwise your media queries will be ignored.
1. Make sure you use min-width instead of min-device-width. Same is valid of course for max-width.
2. Turn off compatibility mode in IE9. You can do that from your browser settings, but you can’t be sure that all your users will visit your page with the same settings. Adding a meta tag solves the problem. Just make sure this line is the first meta tag, otherwise it won’t work (another strange IE behavior).

<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=9">

3. Make sure you use HTML 5 DOCTYPE

<!DOCTYPE html>

Ignore this miserable browser-wannabe, if nothing else works.

Text with gradient

I’ve always found it easy making CSS 3 gradients. You just open up the best generator of your choice, play with the interface for awhile and then get the code. But it took me a bit more time to find how to make the color of a text as gradient. Unfortunately, this fancy feature is currently supported only by webkit browsers (Google Chrome, Safari).
Here is an example of text-color gradient:

color: orange; // fall back
background: -webkit-linear-gradient(left, #ff9000 0%, #108aca 100%);
background-clip: text;
-webkit-background-clip: text;
-webkit-text-fill-color: transparent;

Text-shadow, is not compatible with this code, but anyway it would look weird.

Re-Design 10

Google Analytics was giving me warning signals since my last re-design. Things were just going down, and it was obvious why. Before I had a blog on a front position, now I had a static html page and than a blog in a sub-folder. I also forgot to update the blog on regular bases and last post was some months ago.
I had a one month holiday to take advantage of, for planning and executing this re-design. This time, I’ve placed focus on the content – I don’t care about the design and look of things (still no Comic Sans around). Continue reading

Android App permissions

Not long ago I had to do an update on an app on my Android tablet. It wasn’t my first time updating an app, but it was first time I noticed something. Updating an app, requires that you agree to give some rights and access to your device: “Storage: Modify/delete SD card contents”, “Your location: Coarse (network-based) location”, “Phone calls: Read phone state and identity”, “Network communication: Full Internet access”. Well, that was kind of shocking for me, why would a casual game, need so much control over my device and information?! It didn’t say if the company owning the app shares my information with third parties, but I guess it does. They always got such points in the Terms and Conditions, just that nobody reads about.
Continue reading

Web typography

Web is content as text, not just graphics and some meme pictures or videos of stupid kittens. If you display your content in a bad way, nobody will enjoy it, and take the time to read through. People will just pass you by and visit the next site. You would need to understand some basic stuff like what fonts are best for web, what fonts are best for print, in order to keep visitors around. When you get that figured out, you need to dig deeper and learn some more tricks about maintaining good readability and contrast depending on things as line length, font size, letter spacing… Continue reading